Friday, December 31, 2010

boys....sigh {part 2}

Thanks for all the hope and support guys! I think I'm going to have to call it on "Pretty Boy Swag" as he has now been deemed (thanks Sayer and Jasmine). 2 weeks and I haven't heard anything...maybe I just don't remember how dating goes, but I think that's a bad sign ;)
Anyway, that's not the point.
So I have this friend, a guy friend, and it's the best thing ever!! His name will be "Gent'" as in gentleman, because that is the one word that totally encompasses him. Also cowboy, but that's a different story. Anyway, so Gent' and I have been out of touch for a while (a little over 2 years...) but he found me and it's so awesome! I can't wait for him to move to Provo so we can hang out. A few days before Christmas he was up in the area doing some shopping and invited me to go with him. I needed a break from wrapping and gladly accepted the invite. The kid is amazing. And so easy to talk to. The best part about guy friends? No pressure. We talked about school, made jokes, talked about work, Christmas, his girl drama and me being the big D. The other best part about guy friends? They have drama, not me. I love listening to his drama about this girl and dating and "what do i do?" moments! It's great because I can tell him my opinion and what he should do and it in no way affects me! But it is kind of sad to listen to his stories of young love quashed in the tender stages of infatuation and uncertainty.
Anyway, he's the greatest and any girl would be lucky to date him. We were just hanging out and he opened my door for me (in and out of the car) opens the door of stores, uses clean language (for the most part, but it's nice to feel like "one of the guys") is totally respectful-and totally opinionated, and is down home awesome kid. Not all boys don't call you back.

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