Friday, December 31, 2010

boys....sigh {part 2}

Thanks for all the hope and support guys! I think I'm going to have to call it on "Pretty Boy Swag" as he has now been deemed (thanks Sayer and Jasmine). 2 weeks and I haven't heard anything...maybe I just don't remember how dating goes, but I think that's a bad sign ;)
Anyway, that's not the point.
So I have this friend, a guy friend, and it's the best thing ever!! His name will be "Gent'" as in gentleman, because that is the one word that totally encompasses him. Also cowboy, but that's a different story. Anyway, so Gent' and I have been out of touch for a while (a little over 2 years...) but he found me and it's so awesome! I can't wait for him to move to Provo so we can hang out. A few days before Christmas he was up in the area doing some shopping and invited me to go with him. I needed a break from wrapping and gladly accepted the invite. The kid is amazing. And so easy to talk to. The best part about guy friends? No pressure. We talked about school, made jokes, talked about work, Christmas, his girl drama and me being the big D. The other best part about guy friends? They have drama, not me. I love listening to his drama about this girl and dating and "what do i do?" moments! It's great because I can tell him my opinion and what he should do and it in no way affects me! But it is kind of sad to listen to his stories of young love quashed in the tender stages of infatuation and uncertainty.
Anyway, he's the greatest and any girl would be lucky to date him. We were just hanging out and he opened my door for me (in and out of the car) opens the door of stores, uses clean language (for the most part, but it's nice to feel like "one of the guys") is totally respectful-and totally opinionated, and is down home awesome kid. Not all boys don't call you back.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


So getting back into the "dating scene" is kind of weird. I know I was only gone 2 years, but seriously? I don't get it. You see a cute boy, he asks for your number and.....that's the end? Aren't phone numbers supposed to be used? Maybe I'm old fashioned. Well, the cute boy that asked for my number finally used it. The first time we "hung out" (that's right, not an actual date) we had a marathon of The Office...marathon being the operative word. It was awesome, he was so easy to talk to. We talked through pretty much the entire 4th ...or 5th....or whatever season we were watching....and it was so comfortable, none of this awkward "what's your favorite color" kind of stuff. After that it got weird though. I got one or two texts over the next week, but that's it. SOOO, I'm ready to say "see ya lata jack" and then he goes and says he'd really like to hang out but he's busy with school and has to babysit...ok?
So last weekend he actually asked me out...kind of. Anyway, we went to a movie and ran into his friends in the lobby of the theater and decided to go with them....BIG mistake. These friends have been dating for a little while so they're like, official. Kind of a lot of pressure for a first date/2nd hang out. Anyway, the movie turns out to be a complete bust so we leave and sneak into a different movie halfway through...I felt so rebellious. Anyway, again, this kid is sooo easy to talk to. We made up our own back story (because we had no idea what was going on) and the drive home was so fun. He told me all about his grandparents, his major (aviation science), how he feels when he flies, everything. So here we are a week later and.....nata. This time however I think I can pinpoint the issue....let's discuss my issues for a second:

Severe claustrophobia: check
No depth perception: double check
Embarrassing there any other kind of moment?

How does this play in? Let me explain. The depth perception thing makes it hard to tell exactly where things are and I usually end my day with a lot of bruises on my hips from running into counters, my toes are usually stubbed because I didn't realize the chair was so close, etc. So we can see how the tiny, little, dimly lit hallway in the theater between the doors and where it opens into the auditorium can present a severe problem for someone as challenged as I am. Well I had a panic moment, turned around to see where the doors were, turned back around to head down the minuscule, panic inducing hallway and ran smack into the fire extinguisher box!! I even have a bruise on my arm to prove it....not that I really want to relive that moment. He laughed, I laughed (luckily it was dark enough he couldn't see the mortifying color of crimson that my face turned) and we continued down the hallway. I thought all had passed until he turned to me and asked if I needed glasses or wore contacts.
So what do we think: Did I totally blow it, or will he give this hopeless nut another chance?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Busy Bee

Ok, so for any of you who don't know, I have my own "business." I kind of don't like to call it a business, it's more of a hobby I've gotten REALLY into the last year and I happen to sell the things I make. I love it! I have a blog Topsy Turvy that I display my products on and I'm currently working on setting up a Big Cartel shop. Because I don't have everything set up on Big Cartel yet, I thought I'd display some of my products, just to see if anyone is interested. If you would like any of these products, or would like the same idea in a different color feel free to e-mail me at! I happily do custom orders!
There is no quiet way to get out the door while wearing these
but I'd wear them everyday

Monday, December 13, 2010


Sometimes I worry about myself. Not really, but I probably should. I seriously wonder why I go to BYU. Especially when I'm sitting in Biology with a bunch of freshman and hear conversations like this:
Glasses: "Oh my goodness I talked to him today!"
Old Lady Sweater: "No way, tell me everything, what did he say?"
Glasses: "He said he liked my glasses! Do you think he wants to go on a date with me?!"
Old Lady Sweater: "Oh he definitely does, do you think you guys will get married?"

Again, I pose this question: Why do I go to this school?
Get over it, he probably just said he liked your glasses so you'd stop staring at him, or get out of the way on his way to the door.

Or fragments of conversations like this:
"Well you see, dating is just like the Gospel...." I don't even want to know where that one was going

And don't even get me started on the couples snogging in the corners of the library. I'm not bitter, but seriously people, get over it!

I had a lady ask me today how I had managed to be at BYU for 3 1/2 years and not get married yet....I just laughed and wished her a Merry Christmas.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Boutique Time!!

It's that time of year again: Christmas Boutique time!! I am once again participating in a boutique up in Draper and I'm so excited for the designs this year! Some of the items will be available online after the boutique, but if you want to get the best selection come to the boutique this weekend! It's December 3rd and 4th at 548 E Corner Canyon Drive (13495 S.) in Draper
(just of the Bangerter Highway exit)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shabby Apple All That Jazz Dress Guest Giveaway

Shabby Apple is one of the most amazing dress shops you'll ever find. I bought a dress from their Oh La La collection and I absolutely love it! There are soo many more dresses I want from their online shop! In their Manhattan collection I want the 5th Ave dress, and from their Yosemite Collection I want the Black Oak dress! Their newest collection is All That Jazz and it's incredible!! I had a hard time picking my favorite, but I must say I adore the Syncopation dress!! The best part about all of this is that Grosgrain Fabulous is hosting a giveaway, in which you can win a dress from the All That Jazz Collection!! You should head on over to Shabby Apple and check out their selection and then click here :Shabby Apple All That Jazz Dress Guest Giveaway to enter on Grosgrain Fabulous' blog!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Look what I got in the mail!!! I'm soo excited to start knitting again! To see what these turn into head on over to Topsy Turvy!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hey Hey We're the Monkees

As previously stated, I'm stuck in a generation I was never a part of, the 1960's and 70's! Lucky for all of you, I'm perfectly ok with it! Back in May Davy Jones of the band and tv show of the same name, The Monkees came in concert to the Scera Amphitheater and i just had to go! My mom got me hooked on The Monkees a few years back when she bought the television show on DVD. I'd already loved their music, but I was a gonner after I saw their show! Micky is actually my favorite of the four, but Davy is a very close second! We were so close to the stage I could hardly stand it! I even knew more of the songs than my mom! He looked right at Gentry, my Mom and I and I about melted!! Even at the ripe age of 64 he still melted my heart!
[Davy+Jones+1.JPG] how could anyone resist this face?

Friday, October 15, 2010


I live in music. I always have music on. I'm fairly particular about music, but I'll give anything a shot once. My music of choice is usually anything from the '60's and '70's (blame my parents). I live on Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Cat Stevens, Elton John, and Jim Croce. I could list artists for a year and not run out, but these are pretty much the top. Even is music is just there to be background noise and I'm not paying particular attention, it makes me feel calmer and helps me focus. Silence is terrifying to me for some reason. I thought about this the other day in Target. I love Target, but it's kind of eery with all that quiet-ness hanging around there. They don't play music at Target and yet every single store in the mall has their own version of pretty much every song. For that reason alone, I'd rather be murdered at the mall instead of Target-I don't want to hear them creeping up behind me

Deep & Abiding Love

It's not secret that my deep and abiding love is set aside for very few things. But believe me, earning it is well worth it. One of my deep and abiding loves is reading. From the minute I realized what reading was (?) I have not been able to get enough of it. Janet calls me a "book nerd". Sayer just calls me a nerd. And Gentry enables me. I don't remember ever actually being "grounded" as a teenager, in fact I never was. From friends. I do, however, remember being constantly forbidden to read. And having my books mysteriously disappear for a few days. Last summer I read about 25 books. This summer I didn't even read one. I started 6. For some reason I found myself having a hard time getting into the books I started (am i sick?!) But alas, Gentry helped me again! I will read just about anything you give me. I have no prejudices. I don't care if there's any deep message, or a moral I'm supposed to learn. Sometimes reading "candy" is better. And that's exactly what got me out of my slump. Gentry discovered a new author (new to us) and her name is Julie Garwood. She's a romance novelist. (don't judge) Her book The Secret is absolutely amazing. And the best part? It's not totally mushy! I highly recommend it.

***I love reading books after Gentry because she X's things out if they need to be. Julie's book was really clean for a romance novel. There were very few pages crossed out compared to other books. Again, don't judge.


Ok, this has been a long time coming, but I have finally gotten around to blogging again. This is the first post in the journey of discovering me, aren't you so glad you're here for this? I started a new blog, because as many people know, I'm starting a new life. A life where I come first, where I do what I want and don't ask permission. A life where I love what I love and I don't hold back. On the flip side, if I hate it, you'll probably hear about that too. So here's my expose, you better hang on.
I'm recently divorced and have decided that life is too short to not care about or not take of yourself. From now on I'm the most important. I'm independent to a fault. I take care of myself, I don't mind doing things on my own. If there's something important to me, I'll find a way to do it, get to it, make it, embrace it. I want to please people, but I can handle if I don't. I run from pain, conflict, and deep discussions. My parents have always called me the realistic, down to earth one. I'm blunt. I'll tell you how I see it. I'm a hopeless romantic-in books and chick flicks. In real life I'm completely realistic and cannot abide PDA. One thing I've learned, especially in the last two years, is that I can't hide who I am, and I really have no desire to. I LOVE Elvis Presley. I LOVE The Beatles. I love my guitar-I'd play all day long if I could. I LOVE my sewing machine. I LOVE sewing. I love knitting. I love clothes/fashion. I love interior design and decorating. I love anything that's DIY. I love the '60's and '70's. I'm a hippie-I wear at least 1 peace sign everyday. I LOOOOOOVE fabric. I LOOOOOVE reading. I thrive in school. I love knowledge. I love words, especially the wacky ones. I love fall. I love being different. I love that I don't conform. But the number one thing that I have learned, is that I love myself. Welcome to my world.