Friday, October 15, 2010


I live in music. I always have music on. I'm fairly particular about music, but I'll give anything a shot once. My music of choice is usually anything from the '60's and '70's (blame my parents). I live on Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Cat Stevens, Elton John, and Jim Croce. I could list artists for a year and not run out, but these are pretty much the top. Even is music is just there to be background noise and I'm not paying particular attention, it makes me feel calmer and helps me focus. Silence is terrifying to me for some reason. I thought about this the other day in Target. I love Target, but it's kind of eery with all that quiet-ness hanging around there. They don't play music at Target and yet every single store in the mall has their own version of pretty much every song. For that reason alone, I'd rather be murdered at the mall instead of Target-I don't want to hear them creeping up behind me

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