Friday, October 15, 2010

Deep & Abiding Love

It's not secret that my deep and abiding love is set aside for very few things. But believe me, earning it is well worth it. One of my deep and abiding loves is reading. From the minute I realized what reading was (?) I have not been able to get enough of it. Janet calls me a "book nerd". Sayer just calls me a nerd. And Gentry enables me. I don't remember ever actually being "grounded" as a teenager, in fact I never was. From friends. I do, however, remember being constantly forbidden to read. And having my books mysteriously disappear for a few days. Last summer I read about 25 books. This summer I didn't even read one. I started 6. For some reason I found myself having a hard time getting into the books I started (am i sick?!) But alas, Gentry helped me again! I will read just about anything you give me. I have no prejudices. I don't care if there's any deep message, or a moral I'm supposed to learn. Sometimes reading "candy" is better. And that's exactly what got me out of my slump. Gentry discovered a new author (new to us) and her name is Julie Garwood. She's a romance novelist. (don't judge) Her book The Secret is absolutely amazing. And the best part? It's not totally mushy! I highly recommend it.

***I love reading books after Gentry because she X's things out if they need to be. Julie's book was really clean for a romance novel. There were very few pages crossed out compared to other books. Again, don't judge.

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