Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today is Elvis Presley's 76th birthday!  And it's no secret that I'm irreversibly in love with the man!  His birthday is on my calendar every single year, but no I don't do any kind of celebration or anything for him.  One year in high school Wal*Mart sold banana reeses peanut butter cups though and it was amazing!! I stocked  up, put them in the freezer and Martha and I ate them for a month I swear.  It was the best thing anyone could have given me for Elvis' birthday!   An Elvis impersonator even kissed me when I was 17!  Not quite as cool as it would have been if he was the real Elvis, but I'll never forget it!  I even still have the scarf he gave me, it hangs in my bedroom and I love it!  So I did a quick sweep around my room and realized just how much Elvis memorabilia I have and it's a little insane!

My Elvis Bags 

I have some pretty random stuff like these Elvis note cards 
These are my Elvis movies, some of them are double or quadruple features, so I have quite a few!

Paula bought me this picture on choir tour our junior year of high school!  Now it sits in my window sill and I get to look at it everyday!

Elvis Impersonator....see, he gave me his purple scarf!


Martha said...

one time when we were scarfing down those reeses, one had a double brown wrapper, and i only took off one. it took me to figure out why it tasted so weird and was sticking to my teeth. so sick. love this post. also, didn't know you had elvis monopoly!?!! incredible.

beach boys night was still the best.

MelBroek said...

I just love this. My goal is to one day have as much MJ memorabilia as you have Elvis memorabilia. I am close - but I still have a long way to go :)