Thursday, September 1, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

Shirt: Alpine Spinal Rehab  Pants: Gap  Shoes: Forever Young (Soda brand)


-Driving around the BYU parking lot for 20 minutes and running into the same cars also looking for parking spots, and subsequently trying to get one before them
-Driving behind a trailer with no brake lights/blinkers and me not having depth perception.....almost hitched right up on that thing
-Living at home with the parental units after the baby has moved out to college...anyone have an apartment for rent?!
-Going on a date with a guy, then a week later having his dad tell me he's possibly getting married in December...maybe I shouldn't date the bosses son?
-Listening to a co-worker call a "Licensed Massage Therapist" a "Masseuse"....glad I wasn't the one making that mistake, I don't want any favors of that kind!
-Being 15 minutes late to class on the first day of class, forgetting my textbooks the second day and completely missing class the third day...welcome to my 5th year of college!
-Taking pictures of myself in the mirror....if my parentals saw that I'd be ridiculed for the rest of my life (and yes that's the exercise room, and yes the mirror was dirty)

-Looking all official in my new marketing polo for work! Now people might actually believe I'm not just some kid handing out fliers
-Going on a hike and being worried about dying in the rain and having the rain be the least threatening thing you run into-take that Mamma Moose, wandering fire and big scary animal trying to sneak up behind me in the dark! (I guess this could go either's more awesome that I survived such an episode)
-20 minute shopping spree to Target at 8:30 am and walking out feeling FABULOUS all day long (more on that later)
-Absolutely loving my job, every single day and rocking the marketing stats!


TiffanyM said...

I've never been able to get my hair to curl like that!!! Jealous!!

Stephanie said...

:) Haha this post made me laugh. I once watched a girl in high school circle the seminary parking lot 25 times... I wasn't circling with her, but it may be just as embarrassing and I stood and not only watched her, but counted. She never found a spot.

Kylar said...

Tiffany, I use a straightener!!

Stephanie that is awesome, and slightly awkward!